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EO/IR Performance Modeling

CEB has over 40 years of experience providing

opto-mechanical analysis for ground, air and space-based systems, supporting phases throughout the entire program life. Our team has experience contributing from early

up-front trades definition/analysis through operational systems performance assessment

Optical Performance Modeling

Opto-Mechanical Design

  • Upfront System Performance Trades Analysis

  • Performance Modeling (Jitter, WFE, Ensquared Energy, EOD, F/#, stray light)

  • Independent design assessment

  • Design for Manufacturability

  • Assembly/Alignment

  • Materials Selection

Systems Architecting
and Report Generation

Integration and Test

  • Environmental Test Requirement Definition

  • Test planning and prep

  • Pre/post test analysis 

Established at conception to enable organization and traceability of changes, perform trade studies, and functional decomposition. Report generation including: verification and validation plans, manufacturing plans, and procedures.

If you’d like more information about our EO/IR Performance Modeling solution, get in touch today.

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